Friday, August 15, 2008

Oil-addicted world faces crude awakening

As petrol prices reach record levels, the maker of an award-winning Swiss film on peak oil talks to Swissinfo about an issue which is affecting everyone, everywhere.

(15/08/08) - Described as "one of the most frightening films you are ever likely to see" by British newspaper The Guardian, "A Crude Awakening" is essential viewing for anyone wanting to understand the current crisis and why the future is far from rosy.

The documentary, known as "The Oil Crash" outside English-speaking countries, argues that we are moving from a period of cheap, abundant energy to a period of expensive, hard-to-get energy. Since not only politicians but almost everyone - business, the oil multinationals - have failed to anticipate the problem and invest in alternative energy sources, it's going to hurt.

Wars over resources, inflation, economic slowdown, food shortages and a collapsing airline industry are just some of the expected consequences of an addicted world being forced to wean itself off oil.

Oil prices have jumped 50 percent in 2008 alone, battering the economies of consumer nations already hit hard by the global credit crunch.

"A Crude Awakening," which won the Zurich Film Prize in 2006 and has been distributed in more than 20 countries, was made by Swiss journalist Basil Gelpke and Irish-born filmmaker Ray McCormack, who has lived in Zurich since 2000. More >>>

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