Friday, April 22, 2011

Only A Recession Stands In The Way Of $200 Oil

Jeff Rubin is a Canadian economist who soon after the year 2000 started talking about much higher oil prices in the near future. 

At that point in time the Peak Oil crowd was small and considered to consist of few people wearing tinfoil hats conducting meetings in the woods.

A decade on we can see Rubin knew what he was talking about. So I’m willing to take time in my day to read what he has to say. I think he is a little extreme in his views and maybe a little deaf to any contrary opinions at this point, but he has credibility. He recently wrote the memo below which hits on an issue that concerns me (and I’m sure many others) and that is at what point does the price of oil create another recession that craters the price of oil ?

I hope to reduce my oil exposure long before that happens, but that is much easier said than done, especially if the stocks you own are still considerably undervalued. More >>>

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