Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dragonfly Inspired Wind Turbine

The architect Renzo Piano and an energy company in Italy, they are proposing a relative small wind turbine, suitable for the average yard. They describe it as being based on the physics of dragonfly flight.

Images © Renzo Piano

Tests have already begun on the wind turbine, designed by the architect Renzo Piano in partnership with ENEL green power, an Italian multinational renewable energy corporation.

“The new wind turbine which is sensitive to the low-altitude diffuse wind more common in Italy, has produced over 1,200 KWh in two months of testing at the Molinetto test field, in the Province of Pisa.

The new slim-line, two-blade turbine is less visible than the traditional three-blade design, to the extent that it is difficult to detect in the landscape, but it has also shown itself to be capable of functioning also with low-intensity wind.

This result has also been made possible by the research into new, ever lighter and more resistant materials and by the new technology solutions employed in the construction of the turbine.”

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